CABDyN Project Profiles

Griffith Rees

Griffith Rees
Doctoral Student
Sociology, St Cross College, University of Oxford

Griffith Rees is a Sociology DPhil candidate lucky enough to be in Oxford University's Sociology Department and working in the CABDyN group. He is even luckier to be funded by the Anthony Heath Graduate Scholarship in Sociology at St. Cross College and the ICTeCollective project. His research interests include analytic sociology, social system dynamics, social networks, spatial diffusion, altruistic and creative behavior, and computer modeling and visualisation. He is co-supervised by Michael Biggs of the Department Sociology, University of Oxford and Felix Reed-Tsochas, Co-Director of CABDyN Complexity Centre

His DPhil project studies the rise and fall of an electronic community, focusing on its spatial diffusion, the structure of its growth and decline, and the dynamics of individual contributions as an example of a free-rider problem. He is also studying the effects of collaboration on creative behavior in an online experiment.

Griffith has a BA in Philosophy Politics and Economics and an MSc in Sociology, both from Oxford University. He recently attended the Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School.