CABDyN Project Profiles

Kimmo Kaski
Dean of Aalto School of Science
Aalto University
Supernumerary Fellow Wolfson College, University of Oxford

Kimmo Kaski is Professor of Computational Science and Engineering and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Computational Complex Systems Research, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science, Aalto University/Helsinki University of Technology, and Supernumerary Fellow, Wolfson College of Oxford University.

His research interests range from various subfields of computational science like condensed matter physics, information technology, and systems biology to complexity and network science with current focus on large scale social networks and dynamics therein. As an example of the latter he is the coordinator of EU’s Framework 7 Future Emerging Technology project “ICTeCollective – Harnessing the ICT-enabled Collective Social Behavior” with participants from Aalto University (Finland), Oxford University (UK), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), Institute for Scientific Interchange (Italy), and University of Warsaw (Poland). 

He is Fellow of American Physical Society, Fellow (Chartered Physicist) of Institute of Physics, Fellow of Academia Europeae, Fellow of Finnish Academies of Technology, and Fellow of Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

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