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Eduardo López
Senior Research Fellow in Complex Systems
Saïd Business School
University of Oxford

Eduardo López is a Research Fellow in Complexity Science and based at the CABDyN Centre in the Said Business School. He previously was a postdoc in the Center for Nonlinear Studies in the Theoretical Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has a general interest in Complex Networks, with a particular focus on transport processes, since these are some of the most fundamental and important processes taking place in complex/random structures. At the same time, his work addresses the question of the origin of such structures and their overall performance, as well as their relationship to transport processes. Additionally, the presence of disorder in networks has been an important component of his work, where he has been able to identify general features that disorder induces in contexts as varied as low temperature material samples and epidemic propagation.

Percolation problems are also a major theme of Eduardo's work. In this context, he has carried out research on flow on percolation clusters close to criticality, the connection between this flow and more general forms of disorder in a network, and has also introduced a new model in which percolation is redefined to take into account performance/efficiency features of a system, in a effort to create more realistic accounts of real-world problems subject to localized interruptions/failures. This last model, called Limited Path Percolation, bridges the gap between the pure condensed matter physics percolation problem, and problems in epidemics, communication and transportation, where long or expensive paths are almost never used. In standard percolation models these paths are incorrectly included among the set of possible paths.

In Oxford, Eduardo will primarily be working on the temporal dynamics of large-scale social, economic, and communication networks, as part of a research project funded by the EPSRC under its "Fundamentals of Complexity Science" initiative.

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Eduardo López
CABDyN Complexity Centre
Saďd Business School
University of Oxford
Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1HP
t: 01865 278806
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