CABDyN Project Profiles

Iain Couzin
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University    

Dr Iain Couzinís research focuses on understanding how large-scale biological patterns result from the actions and interactions of individual components of a system. He studies self-organised pattern formation in a wide range of biological systems, including army ant swarms, fish schools, bird flocks, locust swarms and human crowds.  

Areas of particular interest include how the movement of, and interactions among, individuals produced the dynamics of the population they make up, how natural selection acting at the level of the individual results in adaptive patterns at population level, the spread of information in animal populations, studying animal movement patterns, creating computer models to elucidate the relationship between biological patterns forming processes over a range of spatial and temporal scales, developing computer vision software to record and analyse the movement and behaviour or a large number or organisms and applying biologically-inspired algorithms to collective robotics.