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    Ani Calinescu
   Departmental Lecturer

   Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford
   Ani Calinescu is a Departmental Lecturer in the Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford.
   Her DPhil thesis, Manufacturing Complexity: An Integrative Information-Theoretic Approach, 
   extended and applied information-theoretic measures of complexity in manufacturing.

   Between 1996-2002 she has been a Research Assistant in the Manufacturing Systems Group
   at the Department of Engineering Science of the University of Oxford, working closely with
   industry on two EPSRC-funded research projects on complexity in manufacturing and supply

   Her research interests include: manufacturing and supply chain complexity, Information
   Technology, distributed systems, the Internet, e-manufacturing, the theory and practice
   of complex systems. 

   Further details can be found at:

   Contact details
   postal  Wolfson Building
              Parks Road
              University of Oxford
              Oxford OX1 3QD
   tel        01865 283527